Why You Should Own An Electric Kettle

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Electric kettles are very popular small appliances for homes and offices. They can boil water very quickly, even faster than a microwave, and they are very convenient when making tea, coffee, instant soup, or hot chocolate. With one of these tea kettles, it is possible to have better tasting tea. The advantage of an electric kettle is that most have automatic shutoff features, so it is not necessary to stop an activity turn off the kettle on the stove. Many electric tea kettles have cordless pots and sit on top of a base that is kept plugged in. After the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle automatically turns off. With these kettles, it is easy to start the kettle and have a cup of tea within a few minutes.

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About Electric Kettles

Stainless steel electric kettles have been very popular for many years, beginning as stove-top kettles that whistle when the water is boiling. Traditionalists who enjoy this whistle will not find this familiar sound with electric models, and for this reason, some people may prefer to make tea the way it has been made for years. If they are willing to give up the convenience of traditional kettles, they may very well find that electric models are actually much more convenient. There are many styles of stainless steel kettles sold today. A large kettle can boil enough water for several cups of tea at one time. There is a water-level indicator and a removable filter in most models as well.

Offices and home work areas will definitely want an electric model since there is no stove available in these areas. Thanks to the convenience of electric kettles, it is not necessary to leave the office to go out for tea. Instant coffee can also be made with the boiling water from the pot. Very little space is required, so the device can be placed in a corner, or it can be put in a break room or lounge for refreshment time. Little time is lost waiting for boiling water since an electric kettle boils faster than anything else. Heating a full pot of water takes about five minutes with an electric kettle, instead of the fifteen or twenty minutes it would take on a gas stove.

Different brands of electric kettles often have slightly different features. For instance, one kind has a blue light when the pot is turned on to boil, and when the water is hot, the light turns off. Pots are also made in different shapes from rounded to rectangular. Almost all of them sit on bases, which hold cords that start the heating element. The pots are generally cord free, another convenience when pouring and serving the tea because there is no cord to maneuver.

Materials that make up an electric kettle

Electric kettles are also made of glass or plastic, but these are not as popular as stainless steel models that are made by every manufacturer of small appliances. Glass models may have polished chrome handles that stay cool when the kettle is picked up to pour the water. There are other styles that have black plastic handles. Plastic kettles come in a variety of colors, including orange, black, white, and other styles.

Some kettle models have temperature adjustments, rather than just having an on and off switch. This type of kettle is best for those who like teas that do not need such high temperatures. Green tea is one of these. When making green tea with this kettle, it is easy to set it to medium for hot water, rather than setting it to the high setting for boiling water. There are hundreds of electric tea kettles to choose from to make the perfect cup of tea.

If you are a fan of good tea, you probably understand the importance of having a good tea kettle. Chances are that you probably own or have owned one of those older tea kettles that whistle when your water had reach its boiling point. If you still own one of those, it is time for you to switch to an electric tea kettle! There are many good reasons why an electric tea kettle is a must have in any kitchen, especially the one of someone who loves tea like you, we’ve given our reasons but Delicious the true experts gave theirs too!

Should You Own The Best Electric Kettle 2019

First, an electric tea kettle will do the job expected from any kettle, it will bring the water to the boiling point, but in a more efficient way. Usually electric tea kettles tea to boil water much faster than kettle on the stove. Moreover, most electric tea kettle will automatically shut off after the water reaches the boiling temperature, so you won’t need to worry or rush if you have to open the door, answer the phone or are watching the last minutes of your favorite show on tv.

Because of their unique characteristics and taste, different types of leaves require different brewing temperature. While some leaves need water at boiling temperature, other types of leaves need a much lower temperature. This is especially true for white and green teas which taste are much more delicate than black teas. This is where an electric tea kettle comes in so handy. Indeed, because they are so specialized, electric tea kettles often have a very important feature to tea lovers : a temperature control system. This allows you to choose how much heat you want to use to brew your perfect cup of tea. Many electric tea kettles will also keep your water at the wanted temperature for up to 20 minutes and even steep your tea for a specific number of minutes (preset or set by you).

Tea kettles also come in many designs. Plastic, glass, stainless steel, black, white, red, name it you’ll find it. You can find the electric tea kettle that will suit your kitchen easily. Some electric tea kettles are cordless, making it more easy to pour the water and some feature a cord that can coil in the base for more convenient storage. Other electric tea kettles include a full tea set, for more convenience.

An electric tea kettle will give you the convenience of brewing your perfect cup of tea in minutes, increasing safety and leaving you more time to work on other chores. Take the time to shop around. You can go to a retailed store, or shop online. Preferably choose an electric tea kettle that had been previously reviewed by your peers. This will give you an idea of what you are getting, the pros and the cons. You will then be able to make a wise decision based on other people reviews and your own needs in regards to tea brewing. Look for quality, durability and a good warranty. Remember that sometimes, it is worth paying that extra few bucks for quality.

Last but not least, if you are purchasing an electric tea kettle, also consider trying new types of teas. There is a huge selection of teas available. Because tea brewing is becoming very popular, more and more tea stores are opening. If you can’t find a tea store in your neighborhood, try to order online. Amazon.com is a good place to start, but you can also order from other specialized website. But nothing beats going to a tea store and smelling the fresh smell of loose leave!

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