Benefits of aloe Vera on face overnight

Benefits of aloe Vera on face overnight

Benefits of aloe Vera on face overnight. As you all know that aloe Vera is natural herb with beautiful structure . basically it’s a leave filled up with gel and this gel is very beneficial for skin and health , it have moisturizing and skin nourishing properties ,it contain vitamin A,B,C and E, these vitamins having a lot of nourishing and healing properties , aloe Vera is also known as natural moisturizer . aloe Vera gel is made up of 96 percent of  water and you all know that how water is important for us. aloe Vera also contain antibacterial properties. aloe Vera not only apply but also can intake orally.


  • Remove wrinkles

 Remove wrinkles

It can be used as a natural  anti aging remedy, according to the research aloe Vera contain sterols. Sterols are basically molecules which campaign the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which helps to stable skin moisture and aloe Vera also contain elastin which make your skin elastic and smooth. The use of aloe Vera on daily basis can remove wrinkles in 3 months

  • Work as a skin shiner 

Skin Shiner

as you know that aloe Vera is a natural substance,  when you apply it on your face and leave it for overnight that it will help you to get glowing and shiny skin, sun can be burn and make your skin dull but aloe Vera will also work as protector from sunburn and provide you a healthy and fresh skin 

  • Hydrate your skin 

Hydrate your skin

aloe Vera works as a skin  hydrator because it contains 95% water. It hydrates your skin and makes it smooth and moisturized. In summer skin release sweat that’s why your skin show dullness but don’t worry daily use of aloe Vera will provide you a hydrated and glowing skin 


  • Remove acnes and blemishes 

remove acnes and blemishes

Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties which can help to remove pimples and blemishes,  people can easily use aloe Vera however it work properly on acnes because it contains 3 properties against acnes

1 antibacterial 

2 antioxidant 

3 anti Inflammatory 

Some person who avoid to use medicines or chemicals , they can use aloe Vera gel easily  because it is completely a natural substance no found chemicals

How to use aloe Vera for these benefits?

So there are many ways to apply or use aloe Vera gel 


  • Use as skin toner

use as skin toner

To make an aloe Vera toner , add 120mm aloe Vera gel and 240mm water in to a airtight spray bottle, put this bottle in to a fridge,  and use this toner daily for hydrated and fresh skin ( you can also use this toner for your hairs)


  • Can make night cream 


Can make night cream

To make night cream , take 100 gram rice soak in to milk overnight,  on morning put those soaked rice I  to aloe vera gel and blend it , the put that  cream Into bottle and use it on daily night ( you can apply it overnight on your face as well can do massage and leave it for 1 hour then wash it with lukewarm water.


  • Can use as a mask ( for acnes )


use as a mask

To make an aloe Vera mask , take an aloe Vera gel put 3 to 4 drops of lemon Into it and mix it then apply this mask on your face with the help of fingers and leave it on your face for 2 to 3 hours after that wash your face with fresh water 

( lemon contains antibacterial properties and contains vitamin D which provides shining to your face ).


  • Important instructions 

Those people who have allergy from aloe Vera plants should avoid from it

Avoid to use on infected or injured part 

Usually aloe Vera does not have any side effects , rather if you got infected by aloe Vera , you should concern with your doctor 


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