Best Wedding Dresses & Practical Fashion

Best Wedding Dresses & Practical Fashion

Outfit Ideas for Bride

For every girl; her wedding is the most special moment of her life. A wedding is not just a few hours of worship or work but a celebration for the family. In which many rituals are involve. In such a situation; girls think a lot about everything from dressing to giving makeup to a different look. In marriage; the bride chooses different colors from haldi; mehndi; sangeet; wedding ceremony to delivery so that her every look in the wedding album looks different. This could be a good idea. If you wear the same color again at the wedding ceremony then your look will not change. So different colors can be chosen. In addition; you can change the style of the outfit. If your wedding is approaching and you want to look for the most beautiful bride in every function of your wedding; then here are some easy tips for you. learn more

turmeric ceremony

There is a big event of Haldi Ceremony before the wedding. In this ritual; turmeric is apply to enhance the complexion of the bride. However; now this festival is celebrate with great enthusiasm. Girls often wear yellow in yellow ceremonies. For a yellow ceremony; you can carry a light chiffon saree or any other fabric. Apart from yellow color; you can wear chunari print; floral print saree.

mehndi ceremony

Mehndi ceremony is an important wedding ceremony in which mehndi is drawn on the hands of the bride in the name of the groom. You can carry stylish as well as comfortable dresses for this ceremony. You can wear palazzo with peplum or crop top. You can wear sharara with a sleeveless kurta. You can wear a blue or dark color dress other than green or any color on the Mehndi function.


Now the grand function of the music ceremony is organize in the wedding ceremony. In this; too; the bride attends a grooming ceremony with her sister and friends. For music you can wear a heavy Anarkali suit; light print or embroider lehenga. For music; you can wear multi-color; baby pink; powder blue color outfits. The next day you have to wear a lot of clothes for the occasion of the wedding; so you can relax and enjoy the event by wearing light makeup and outfits to the music.

To get married

The bride wears a lehenga or wedding dress for the wedding. You can change your look by choosing the color of your outfit. However; do not experiment too much with the choice of clothing. You can think of Rajasthani; Maharashtrian; or Punjabi-style bridal look. You can also get tips for celebrities’ bridal photoshoots.

Practical Fashion

At a fashion show; reactions like ‘No matter what you wear’ or ‘Who wears such clothes’ would come from anyone. Over-the-top skirts; lots of accessories; bright colors; out-of-place looking headgears; a lot of things were include in this impractical fashion. It’s been a long time since that trend has recede; but there are still a lot of outfits that look exaggerat or impractical in the collections of many different designers. But this time around; the showcase of almost all the designers at Lakme Fashion Week 2021 was for wearable designs. This year’s digital ‘Lakme Fashion Week’ was celebrate with an emphasis on collections such as low accessories; non-glamorous colors; simple designs that will easily suit you. Due to this; the trend of practical fashion is likely to be accept at both market and mentality levels.

Lakme Fashion Week 2021; which has been held in both live and digital formats this time; has brought some relief to both designers and fashion lovers; amid fears that digital fashion shows may be the new norm for the last one and a half years. In this show; as usual; youngsters like Tahiliyani; Gaurav Gupta; Nikita Mhaisalkar; Anamika Khanna; Rajesh Pratap Singh; Monica; and Karishma’s ‘Jaden’; Pankaj and Nidhi; Payal Jain; etc. all present simple and practical collections with honesty in their usual style. Given. The reasons for the appearance of this trend of practical fashion can be different. Most importantly; the economic math of the fashion industry is still not fully on track! Fashion is a business and therefore it needs to be view not only as a ‘show’ or ‘art’ but also from an economic point of view. Different designs cost more than simple and conventional designs which include different fabrics, different craftsmen, their extra labor, etc. The market for the fashion industry has yet to recover. So no one in the fashion industry is guarantee to get their returns at the risk of spending. The use of non-wearable designs is no longer a trend in Bollywood. This season has prove once again that even in celebrity weddings, traditional outfits and colors are the norms these days. It would not be wrong to say that the red lehenga was the soul of almost all the bridal collections present this season. Arpita Mehta, J. In the bridal collection of J. Walya and Tarun Tahiliani himself, lehengas in different shades and designs of red were seen.

Investing in the design depends on the worldwide trends, market conditions in the country and farmer tractor conditions, country trends, film trends, and most importantly, the designer’s own financial readiness and dedication. Since all these matters are not in sync, the festive collection will only see simple and wearable outfits. However, presenting the wearable collections in this way has been base on the trend of the last few years. Ease of use and attractive in appearance, kaftans, crop tops and bottoms of various styles, frill dresses, print tops, pants and dresses were widely use. The collections were present in large numbers in floral patterns with traditional prints like leheriya, bandhani, shibori with emphasis on tie and dive. Anamika Khanna, Nikita Mhaisalkar, Payal Jain, Pankaj, and Nidhi also brought out practical fashion collections with an emphasis on print and fusion wear.

The reason behind this practical fashion fundraiser of designers should be the scarcity of resources as well as financial mathematics. Due to the complete shutdown of the fashion industry during the lockdown, many artisans, weavers, etc. have stop their work and start new industries to make a living. Apart from money, these other factors are also very important for different designs. As the industry shuts down, artisans find work differently, and as they no longer work as artisans, the industry slows down again. Practical designs appear. Designers have been able to maintain the splendor of Lakme Fashion Week, which is present in a glamor style with wearable fashion. Currently, similar trendy outfits are seen in the market. This time around, fashion lovers have the opportunity to experience the satire between fashion shows and fashion markets. Due to various reasons, almost all the collections and outfits of Lakme Fashion Week this time were market-orient and practical. But if this trend of wearable fashion or practical fashion is always visible, it will definitely be a positive change!

Want to give a new and quirky look to an old saree? Then try these tricks for sure

There are definitely a lot of sarees in Indian women’s wardrobes. The special thing about a sari is that you can easily carry it on any occasion. From the office to casual gathering and from puja to party, the sari is the right attire. Although many women nowadays wear modern and stylish clothes, sometimes they like to wear a sari. After wearing a sari 4 to 5 times, women often get bored of wearing it again. 

At such times your old sarees keep eating dust in some corner of the cupboard. If you also have old sarees and you are not wearing them for the sake of a new look, then using some simple tricks you can give a new and stylish look to your old saree. Let’s find out. 


You can make your look stylish by considering your choice of jewelry and accessories along with a saree. 


If you often do a bun, curl your hair or tie it in a stylish way.

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