How Long Will Cigars Last Without Humidor?

How Long Will Cigars Last Without Humidor?

Anyone who is new to cigar smoking might be wondering how long cigars will last without the humidor.

Humidors are particularly useful for smokers of cheap cigars because they tend to become less fresh sooner. A typical Ziploc bag kept at room temperature could work as a substitute for an humidor, however it will not keep your cigars fresh for as long.

However, that isn’t a guarantee that that storing cigars in the form of a Ziploc will cause them to start breaking up within three to four days. They can still be smoked but they won’t give you the most pleasant smoking experience. It’s not like smoking fresh cigarettes.


But it’s worth noting that for the initial three days your Ziploc will function as an humidor. If you smoke cigars in that time frame it is not necessary to let them become old.

Find out more about the storage of cigars without the humidor.

Storing Cigars without Humidor

Here’s the best method to store your cigars the absence of a real humidor:

Ziploc and Sponge

The most common method for keeping cigars in a cost-effective way is using the Ziploc as well as a sponge. They will keep your cigars fresher than humidors do in the initial couple of days in storage. The humidor will prevail. But, there’s nothing stopping you from smoking cigars like the rich using this technique.

Ziploc bags and small sponges can be a great help to keep your cigars in good condition without the need for a humidor. Gallon-sized bags are the best option as smaller ones may not be big enough to hold your cigars. Remember that it is necessary to use a clean one, if you are using sponge.


Once the cigars are placed in the bag, you can follow it up with a moist sponge. Make sure the sponge isn’t too large or wet to fit in the bag. Close the bag securely. The cigar storage combination will preserve their freshness cigars for upto three weeks, compared to a few hours sans the sponge.

The Tupperware Humidor

Instead of a humidor, try using an empty Tupperware container to slow down the staleness of your cigar. Use it in conjunction with an humidification disc or pouch available on the internet or at a local dealer of cigarette.

If you don’t own Tupperware you can make use of any container made of plastic as you can ensure it’s clean, airtight, and free of odors. A moist sponge can serve as well in this method like the Ziploc bag method.


A container large enough to hold a complete box of cigars as well as a humidification disc will satisfy your needs in terms of budget for storage of cigars quickly. The cigars will stay fresh for three months , without doubt.

Clean and unobtrusive container is essential. The presence of odor and dirt within your Tupperware could impact how long your cigars remain fresh. Make it a habit that you change your cigarettes each week to ensure they stay fresh.

Small Cooler

A cooler or an ice chest cooler can be a great alternative to an humidor. If you can seal the lid with air it should be a simple and effective way to keep your cigars fresh.

The people who use a cooler to store cigars frequently refer to their cooler as”coolidor. “coolidor.” A cooler’s dimensions determine how many cigars or boxes you can keep. It is worth considering acquiring an hygrometer or a humidifier when you’re planning to store several box of cigars in this way. A humidification unit as well as an ice chest that is large enough should be adequate for storage of at least two boxes. The hygrometer is a device that keeps temperature and humidity at a level.


This 3-in-1 solution is more precise than humidification discs or damp sponges Therefore, you can you can expect your cigars to come out more fresh when you utilize these three-in-one solutions.

A humidification bag can be beneficial in keeping humidity levels within the “coolidor” in the absence of an humidity meter. It’s less expensive and requires minimal to no maintenance. Simply replace the pouches when they become dry and stiff and you’ll be in good shape.

Refrigerator Storage

It’s true thatthe refrigerator could work to store cigars, too. However, it’s not the most effective solution, and often causes much more damage than it does good. This is because the humidity levels are much less than the levels needed to maintain the freshness of your cigar. Another thing that’s lower is temperature.

However, this might just not suffice to deter individuals from trying it. It’s good for about a day or two but if you go on longer than that it could be a good idea to be tempted to throw away your collection.

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Maintaining Cigar Freshness without a Humidor: A Conclusion

How long will cigars last without humidors? In a nutshell, it’s not as long as they could have the humidor.

However, humidors aren’t your only way to make the cigars you want to keep. With the exception of fridge storage, the options described above should yield satisfactory results at most. Additionally, they won’t require you to spend a fortune to keep your cigars in good condition.

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