Perfect Pedicure in 10 Steps

Perfect Pedicure in 10 Steps

Achieve the Perfect Pedicure in an easy 10 steps

This step by step instruction manual will ensure that your perfect pedicure shapes up to be exactly what you were aiming for. Not only that but it will also ensure that your perfect pedicure remains that way! Who knew there were this many perfect pedicure hacks!

1. Shape Up

Clip those nails so they are slightly less than a quarter inch long. Then take file and round the sides just a bit. Be careful not to go any shorter or you’ll be begging for an ingrown.

2. Just Chill

You don’t need whirlpool jets to feel pampered. Simply soak your feet in a relaxing bath made of one part milk and two parts water. The lactic acid in the dairy product exfoliates and softens cuticles. If your tired soles are really screaming, add a scoop of Epsom salt to reduce swelling.

3. Be Pushy

After a soak, dry your feet and rub a drop of moisturizing oil on each nail. Then gently nudge back skin along the perimeter using a metal cuticle pusher (wooden ones can splinter).

4. Rock On

Pick up a natural lava pumice stone to exfoliate heels and balls of feet. Then massage a body scrub over the skin to even out any roughness. To tackles serious calluses, try smoothing them with a motorized file when feet are completely dry.

5. Butter Up Those Soles

Save regular lotions for dry arms and legs- most are not moisturizing enough for the tough skin on your feet. Instead slather on a thick cream with hydrating shea butter. If you’ve got parched, cracked heels, you’ll need an ointment containing acids to break down dead cells.

6. Go Bright

Wipe nails with cotton pads soaked in rubbing alcohol to ensure that your base adheres. The slick on a ridge filling version and follow with the first coat of colour. Don’t worry about it looking exactly right- the second coat will even it out.

7. Mix Your Own Tone

Neutral manicures is a cool statement. To give your toes this subtle effect, take a bottle of off-white nail polish and sprinkle in a pinch of loose mineral powder foundation (the tone you would wear on your face). Give the bottle a shake and voilà ! You’ve created your own skin-matching nude. It’s hands-down genius!

8. Stay Inside the Lines

After painting each toe, clean up any polish that has spread onto the surrounding skin with an angled eye-make up brush. Just dip it in remover and trace around the nail.

9. Set Your Shade

Once you’ve polished each foot, put a quick dry topcoat on every nail, which helps smooth milk nicks. If you’re in a hurry to get out the door with your perfect pedicure, grab a blow dryer and aim a soft stream of cool air over your toes.

10. Mask Mistakes

Who hasn’t tiptoed around in a fresh pain job and accidentally smudged it? If the polish is still wet, just apply another large layer of polish onto the entire surface, followed by your topcoat. If you spot dents once nails are dry, stroke a sheer, sparkling shade over all 10 of them. Shimmer reflects light and distracts form imperfections.”

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