Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer?

Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer?

Every year in summer, our skin feel changes right? The heat, pollution, humidity can wipe out your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it oily and dull. To avoid all of this huddle and keep your skin fresh in the scorching skin of the sun, practice the following 10 tips to take care of your skin.


  • Change Your Face Wash

As the season moves from winter to summer, you should keep in mind that your face wash won’t work the same as it does during the winter season. There’s a reason why summer and winter face washes are separate in the market. In the summer season, you need a face wash that removes all the excess oil from your skin. For dry skin people, they should consider using a non-foaming cleanser. Wash your face at least 3 times a day with the face wash to keep it clean and refresh.


  • Use Sunscreen Daily

Usually, people use the same last year’s sunscreen in the summer season which isn’t a lot beneficial for the skin. They aren’t meant to use forever, it’s always great to buy new sunscreens every summer which have UVA and UVB products and come in SPF 30 and SPF 50. People who don’t want to spend their entire money on buying sunscreen every year, use online discount codes to shop them at reasonable rates. Reapply with the sunscreen every time on your skin after 1-2 hours under the sunlight. 


  • Do Minimal-Makeup

Under the scorching sunlight, less makeup is always the tip to taking care of your skin. Natural looks work the best during the summer season, if you are using foundation then also use face powder with SPF to avoid patchy skin. You can use a gloss or a lip balm with an SPF of 1 to make your lips fresher, it’s not advisable to use eye make in summers. 


  • Drink Water As Much As Possible

Although, it’s recommended to drink 8 glasses of water every day, during the summer season this suggestion becomes more prominent. If possible carry a water bottle with you and drink water from it every 30 minutes. Water helps you prevent dehydration, make your skin fresh, and remove all the toxins inside the body. It keeps your skin soft, and radiant under the sunlight. 


  • Summer glow

Use a sunless tanner to give your skin a beautiful start. You can use them all over your body. If you alternate your facial moisturizer with the one which builds a bit of colour, you will soon have a healthy glow. Several facial tanners build colour gradually, by alternating with your regular moisturizer, you’ll never get dark in summer. 


  • Buy New Moisturizer

You have to change your heavy cold creams moisturizer into a lighter moisturizer. Your skin requires moisture in the summer, just like it needs in winder. However, skincare in summer calls for a light and non-greasy product which suits the weather. 


  • Use Refreshing Toners

Choose a refreshing toner to help you close the pores of your skin. It is important during the summer season to stop accumulation in the open pores. The t-zone of the face has the largest concentration of sebaceous glands and will try to look the slickest in the summer. You should pay attention to this portion while using refreshing toners. Use aloe vera based refreshing toner to make your skin fresh and light. 


  • Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Summer is the time when your skin requires hydration and moisture. Another great tip to take care of your skin is to buy a good hydrating mask which you can do a few times a week. First, wash your face, and then apply the mask as directed at night to repair and rehydrate your skin. It can also treat conditions like acne, oil, and dryness. Pick the mask that suits your skin better and spend those minutes wiping away your stress, and blemishes from the skin. 

  • Adopt A Good Skin Care Routine

Maintain a skincare treatment and follow it consistently. If you’ve dry skin you can choose gel-based and if you have oily skin you can choose water-based rather than cream-based products. Clean and moisturizing your skin twice a day will keep it fresh and clean. 


  • Bath Twice A Day

A cool bath in the morning and night can remove all the dirt, the sweat from your body and gives you a refreshing look. It can make you look fresh throughout the day, and help you in sleeping well. The routine should be followed with moisturizing, toning, and cleansing. 

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Last Words

Always carry a cooling mist with you during the summer months. Spray it on yourself to keep your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the sunlight. It’s vital to take care of your skin in the summer because a little carelessness can ruin your skin’s radiance. Make sure to follow the tips to take care of your skin to get major skin relief in the scorching heat. 



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