Treating Grey Hair: 5 ways to boost melanin in your hair naturally

Treating Grey Hair: 5 ways to boost melanin in your hair naturally

Ever wonder why our hair looks black? It is because of the pigment called melanin that our hairs are black. The more melanin in the hair; the jet black they are. As we become old; the hairs in our body lose the pigment considerably and turn grey; silver; or white. This is a pretty natural phenomenon that occurs when a person crosses 35 – 40 years of age. Some people might also face greying of hair early in their teens and 20s itself which is refer to premature greying of hair. All thanks to the poor eating habits and the lethargic lifestyle that we live today; premature greying has become a very common issue amongst the millenials. In this guide; we tell you solutions that will not just conceal your grey hairs but will help the grey hair gain their natural color. So; it is high time you ditch the genetic grey hair treatment and chose  simple and natural ways that actually work to regain your natural hair color. Let’s get start!

  1. Stock up on Vitamins in your body

Vitamins play a key role in keeping your hair voluminous and bouncy with a natural shine. In particular; Vitamin B is scientifically proven to promote healthy hair and prevent early greying of hair in adults. Of the Vitamin B Complex; Vitamin B7 and Vitamin B12 are need by the body in sufficient amounts to produce melanin. And when your body gets deficient in Vitamins; you get more prone to hair damages hair fall; and greying of hair. You can also take Vitamin B supplements to help your hair get its color back.  Vitamin C is also important for healthy hair and is easily available in fruits like lemons and oranges. So; include a healthy diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits like greens, amla, curry leaves, and citrus fruits to get all vitamins need for the lush growth of your hair.

  1. Choose a diet rich in iron and copper

Minerals like iron, copper, and calcium have the properties to reverse greying of hair. They help the body produce more melanin and thereby help the grey hair get back its lost natural color. Foods like spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, cashew nuts, lentils, flax seeds, fish, dark chocolate, and pumpkin seeds are rich in copper and iron. A well-balance diet with all the vitamins and other minerals like zinc and selenium can permanently help your grey hair change to its original color; or at the minimum, nourish your hair at the root level so that early greying is prevent or delay.

  1. Humble Henna for dark and glossy hair: 

Believe it or not, Nature always has a solution. While streaks of highlight strands and hair colouring seem to be recent phenomena, the concept of getting one’s hair color and dye dates back to the historical days of Cleopatra. The extracts from the leaves of henna and indigo plants have been use in practice for centuries to color hair. Henna is load with a component called tannins which gives them the rich color when apply on the skin. Antioxidants are also found in abundance in the leaves which makes the hair strands soft and frizzy-free. No doubt, henna is indeed chemical free hair dye for grey hair. Even today, henna is widely accept as the best natural hair dye for grey hair that is completely safe to use. 

  1. Using herbs infused natural oils to massage your scalp once a week

 Another impressive way to nourish your hair and help them regain their natural color is to use a virgin cold-press oil that is infuse with the goodness of herbs. The best oil for optimal hair health is coconut and you can infuse them with herbs like Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), Hibiscus leaves and flowers, onions, curry leaves, and Vibhitaka (Terminalia Bellirica). You can warm the desire quantity of the oil and massage the scalp with generous amounts of the warm oil. Massage for about 10 minutes and leave the oil to seep in through the scalp for another 30 minutes. You can then wash it off with a gentle and mild shampoo. Doing this regularly can help you prevent hair greying and also regain the natural hair color in the grey hair. Hair serums are also an easy alternative that can help you in treating grey hair.

5. Lifestyle changes to regain natural hair color

Along with the above mention steps, you can also make a few changes to your lifestyle habits that effectively prevent your hair from losing its shine and natural color prematurely. 

Quit smoking

Along with the whole of complications that arise due to smoking, premature greying of hair is another adverse effect. Smoking makes your body produce less melanin which in turn makes your hair dull and grey.

Avoid using harsh chemicals

Studies show that harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) that are usually present in shampoos or conditioners can cause premature greying of hair. Similarly, the excessive heat use on hair during straightening procedures and hair curling, and coloring grey hair regularly with chemicals can also worsen the matter. So, it is always advisable to keep yourself away from chemical laden shampoos and hair styling products.

Manage stress: 

Stress is the underlying cause of many underlying health conditions and your hair too takes the brunt of unmanage higher stress levels. Stress can prevent your body from producing adequate levels of melanin that are need for your hair to preserve your natural hair color. So, the next time you get stress over silly and unnecessary things in life, remember that even more hair strands will turn grey and make things worser!

We hope this guide was comprehensive in making you aware of the easy and natural ways to avoid premature greying of hair and regaining the natural color of the hair. Please note that all these remedies work when there is no underlying disease or hormonal issues like thyroid. It is always advisable to seek medical advise before following remedy. Further more checkout the Easy ways to grow your hairs

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